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The Remark Group launches bespoke sound masking solution

The Remark Group launches bespoke sound masking solution


Intelligent business solutions company the Remark Group has developed a new sound masking solution which utilises 360° immersive sound dispersion to protect privacy, increase productivity and improve workplace wellbeing. 

Originally installers of advanced business technology, the Remark Group has utilised its skills as integrators to create the bespoke solution. 

Our unique solutions offer an advanced, all-round immersive sound dispersion, ensuring that all users within the area receive the same quality of sound. This differentiates us from many other direct field sound masking systems available.

Sound Masking

Sound masking makes a building appear quieter by raising the ambient noise level in an office environment. Sound masking is an effective method that, when installed correctly, has the potential to bolster acoustical privacy and reduce distracting noises, which in turn helps to improve the overall office comfort.

This solution creates a particularly harmonious natural sound, to increase the privacy around the areas treated and improve productivity within your business. The sound masking solution can also be intertwined with natural sounds including; bird song, water flowing and the gentle sounds of the ocean, creating a completely immersive environment for employees to relax and collaborate naturally.

Due to its 360° driver technology, the installation needs fewer speakers to work effectively compared to conventional sound masking systems. 

Noise and Wellbeing at Work

In a recent survey, conducted by the Remark Group, 65% of UK office workers reported that noise in the workplace impacted on an employee’s ability to complete work in an accurate and timely manner. They also found that 71% reported their offices would benefit from a private place for discussions. 

This new solution from the Remark Group has the ability to increase the privacy around the areas treated. Not only is the installation of this technology ideal to increase privacy in businesses, but it can also help to increase performance levels, eliminate distractions, and enhance the overall wellbeing of employees.

Penelope Harrall of Remark Group commented: 

“We wanted to create a fit-for-purpose solution that blends seamlessly into the working environment. We went into this with the ethos that sound in nature is never one directional, so why should our sound masking? This solution is acoustically-designed to offer a more diffused natural sound.” 

With an eclectic range of solutions available, Remark Group’s bespoke and innovative sound masking solution can be integrated into almost any architectural concept. Meaning this solution is fit for all; from small huddle meeting rooms all the way through to large multi-site complexes. 

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