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The Remark Group supports local charity with iPad donation

The Remark Group supports local charity with iPad donation

Peterborough based organisation, The Remark Group, recently donated a longed-for iPad to the Peterborough Area Down’s syndrome group, led by Remark Director, Michelle McCallum. A member of the charity was provided with the iPad, to help him regain the ability to communicate with family and friends.

One of the many ways charities such as PADSG support group members is by trying to secure iPads, to support learning difficulties and aid learning. The Apple store currently holds 75,000 educational apps, and a high proportion are designed to support with elements such as communication, emotional development, seeing and hearing and language development; all of which can have a positive impact on the lives of users.

Studies have shown the use of iPads and associated apps are greatly effective, which is why a number of ‘recycle and exchange’ initiatives were introduced, something which the Peterborough Down’s syndrome group participates in.

The scheme offers the opportunity to swap disused mobile phones for more modern items of technology, such as iPads, with 250 phones needed for the exchange.

PADSG chair, Laura Tilley, explains;

‘The initiative allows us to supply members with items of technology that really have an impact on their ability to develop and learn. The family in question had been waiting for some time for an iPad and we couldn’t be more grateful for Michelle’s, and the Remark Groups, generosity”.

Michelle explains;

“Upon hearing of the scheme the PADSG are involved in, I knew I had to support in any way that I could. It was mentioned that one family in particular had been waiting for sometime for their iPad, something I felt compelled to help with.”

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