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Maintaining your solar PV system is crucial to ensuring optimum performance. It can also increase the longevity of the panels. Getting the most out of your green energy investment starts with finding the right commercial solar panel maintenance provider.

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How Can We Help With Your Commercial Solar PV Maintenance?

Remark Group understands the importance of completing preventative maintenance properly and according to the scope and schedule of the O&M contract.

You may prefer to work with a service provider that can assist with a wide range of services rather than just one or two. That way, you can save time, money and resources on your site’s maintenance. It will also make invoices simpler to manage.

Remark Group can provide exactly that with our comprehensive solar panel services.

Find out more about the maintenance tasks that we regularly perform for our growing client base below.

We provide market-leading technology, including aerial drone thermal imaging cameras, to ensure enhanced accuracy and insights into the performance of your solar park.


String Testing

  • Full string testing on 1000VDC or 1500VDC systems.
  • Full string test report with analysis.
  • A comprehensive list of failed strings and present faults.
  • Full string fault finding, if required.
  • Quote for remedial works, if required.

IV Curve Testing

  • Full IV Curve testing on 1000VDC or 1500VDC systems.
  • Full IV Curve test report with analysis.

Transfer Cable Testing

  • Full site AC or DC Transfer Cable testing.
  • Full transfer cable test report
  • Recommended remedial works, if required.


  • Full site EICR.
  • A comprehensive NICEIC EICR.
  • List of required remedial works.

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We can offer an annual maintenance agreement that suits any client, whether it be maintenance hours to use when required or predetermined tasks scheduled throughout the course of the year. Remark Group can offer a tailor-made service to meet your company’s and assets’ needs.


Due to the high currents and voltages, it is strongly recommended that thermal imaging of all electrical equipment be completed annually.

This will highlight any poorly terminated cables or loose connections, as well as overheating components. These issues can result in fire and catastrophic equipment failure.

Remark Group can offer thermal imaging of the following components:

⦁ Central Inverters
⦁ DC Disconnection Units
⦁ String Inverters
⦁ AC Combiner Boxes
⦁ DC Combiner Boxes
⦁ AC Distribution Boards

We work with solar farms, parks and commercial and industrial businesses across the UK.

Aerial Thermography

Aerial thermography of PV plants can offer a plethora of information that enables us to detect issues well before they start to show up in PR calculations and on string monitoring platforms.

Using a state-of-the-art radiometric thermal camera, we can record the temperature value for every pixel. Mounted side-by-side with an Ultra-HD camera, we are able to show crystal-clear images alongside the thermal image to show any defects.

If the degradation is proven to be more than stated, Remark Group will make the warranty claim on your behalf.

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Send us your PQQ or give us a call to discuss your solar panel O&M requirements. Our specialist team has worked on solar parks across the UK. We provide all the technical knowledge to keep your solar plant working at its optimum all year round.

Key Benefits

Most advanced software on the market

Using the most advanced software, we can provide an exact loss of earnings figure for each fault. This allows you to make a more informed decision on the cost benefits of each repair.

Comprehensive LV system maintenance

Remark Group has the in-house knowledge and experience to work on any aspect of your LV system. We don’t just meet client requirements and specifications, we exceed them.

Leading industry credentials

Remark Group is accredited with leading industry credentials. Our accreditations, partnerships and certifications are a testament to the professional services we provide.

What Can You Expect From Remark Group?

How We Work


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Schedule a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss our solar panel maintenance services.


Create Annual Maintenance Plan

We can offer an annual maintenance agreement that suits any client, whether it be maintenance hours to use when required or predetermined tasks scheduled throughout the course of the year.


Site Survey

We’ll conduct a site survey to assess your site and ensure that our work will be sufficient to keep your asset running smoothly.



Detailed and concise reports are created by our team for all maintenance tasks including keeping records of any faults or findings and evidence of any corrective measures that have been made.


Ongoing Support

Whenever you need support on your site, we can assist. With fully bespoke plans, you’re in control of the maintenance services that are provided.


Remedial Work

We take on a range of smaller corrective works on behalf of our clients.

We understand that the smaller corrective maintenance issues can build up in the shadow of issues that are causing higher kW losses across your site or portfolio.

We are able to offer remedial work such as string repairs and module replacements to take the pressure off your in-house team and allow them to deal with more important tasks.

Punch Lists

No solar O&M firm will ever be short of punch lists, whether issued from asset management or TA visits or the long list of never-ending issues the EPC requires completing to finally get the site through FAC.

Remark Group is happy to take on these punch lists on your behalf, leaving you free to look after the constant production issues and call-out response times.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What maintenance do solar panels need?

    Everything from the surface of the panel to the electrical infrastructure and mounts will need to be maintained to ensure you can get the most out of your investment.

    How often do solar panels need maintenance?

    Solar panels require annual inspections and surveys. However, it’s a good idea to invest in both proactive and reactive maintenance.

    What format are the reports?

    We can supply the reporting in any format, including on your company header paper or we can complete your company’s existing report documents.