Electrical Distribution Services


Businesses need reliable power to keep everything running smoothly. It’s up to service providers and electricians to catch failing fuses, plan repairs, and get things fixed before they turn critical.

A reliable electrical infrastructure with effective power distribution and maintenance and a reliable backup system is essential to running any business. At Remark we have extensive experience in electrical distribution services including the design, deployment and maintenance of all types of systems– from initial design to final commissioning and testing.

Electrical Power Distribution

Businesses need to know that their electrical distribution systems are sound and reliable, and the distribution of electricity is never compromised. Our 18th Edition Qualified engineers and project managers can work with you to ensure that your electrical wiring comply with BS7671.

A highly efficient electrical power system enables businesses to monitor levels of energy required whilst being mindful of associated energy costs. It also helps to maintain increased uptime within the business setting, ultimately resulting in improved productivity and performance.

Reliability is essential: you need to know the power distribution system design you are using or considering commissioning in the future is robust, secure and fit for purpose.

Cost is key: you need a bespoke electric power system that meets your individual business needs but which also represents a good return on investment. Installation costs need to be kept to a minimum, as do on-going maintenance agreements.

Electrical testing

New Electrical Supply & Metering


Working closely with the National Distribution Network Operators across the UK (DNO’s), Remark Group are able to fully project manage the process of the design & delivery of a new electrical supply from the initial application all the way through to the delivery & final connection process including the all-important utility metering.

Sub Mains & Distribution


No business can exist or prosper without a reliable, regularly maintained and efficient electrical distribution system, especially with the increasing demands of modern technology, regulations and the constant spiralling of energy costs. We offer a comprehensive service covering sub main wiring, fault finding and problem solving as well as sub main testing and inspection.

Low Voltage Power


Whether you need a single stand-alone service of full end to end project solution, specialist electrical and instrumentation engineers at Remark Group are on hand to provide unrivalled technical excellence and customer support. All of our installations are individually designed specifically to suit the demand, application and location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between mains and sub mains?

Mains electricity is the term used to refer to the electrical supply coming from a power station to the household you live in. The current flows in one direction, then the opposite, continuously. It enters the house via the live wire, which carries the incoming electricity. However, a sub-mains circuit is defined as a circuit that is directly from the main low voltage switchboard, to the sub-main distribution panel.

What is Low Voltage Power?

In electrical power systems low voltage most commonly refers to the mains voltages as used by domestic and light industrial and commercial consumers.

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