Electrical Inspection and Testing


Through our electrical testing services, we support companies across the UK with their fixed installation testing or periodic inspection and testing requirements. The Electricity at Work Act, 1989 states that all electrical systems and equipment used in the working environment should be in a safe condition.

In order to comply with the regulations an electrical inspection and testing programme should be undertaken at all places of work.

All of our electrical engineers are 18th Edition qualified so you can rest assured that every project we complete complies with BS7671.

Electrical Testing & Inspection

Initial Verification 

An initial verification is carried out on every new installation before it is put into service. Each electrical installation must be inspected and tested during erection and on completion. Remark Group’s engineers and project managers are 18th Edition qualified and NICEIC accredited to ensure that every inspection and test carried out meets the requirements of the current IET Wiring Regulations ensuring your business receives the appropriate certification.

Electrical Condition Reports

Electrical testing can prevent avoidable problems with your wiring, reduce any electrical risk and ensure your business is safe and fully compliant with relevant Health & Safety regulations. Remark Group can work with you to check the safety of electrical systems or installation in your building to make sure they are safe for you, your staff, and your visitors.

The 5-year electrical testing rule applies to commercial, office, retail and educational properties. But other types of environments are recommended to have more regular testing, so it’s important to check which maximum interval applies to the particular type of building.

Electrical Testing
Phase Balancing

Electrical Load Surveys and Phase Balancing

Remark Group can work with you to ensure that your electrical load is as balanced as possible on every phase. Ensuring that they are balanced means that your business can improve costs and increase efficiency.

Determining the electrical load profile of your installation through an Electrical Load Survey conducted by our specialists is an essential providence to ensure that your installation operates efficiently and safely.

We will identify any Voltage, Frequency or loading anomalies and uneven loads present on 3 Phase systems in your electrical installation enabling the immediate rectification of the problems.

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Electrical Thermal Imaging

Electrical thermal imaging surveys are carried out while plant and equipment is running. There will be no interruption to electrical supplies and your operations will not be affected while a survey is being undertaken. Our electrical engineers are all 18th edition certified with extensive experience in thermal scanning of electrical systems.

Remark Group’s thermal scanning of electrical systems can result in major cost savings for our clients by reducing breakdowns and eliminating fire risks.

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Thermal Imaging

Frequently Asked Questions

What does electrical testing involve?

Fixed Testing involves testing the electrical installations and systems that conduct electricity around the building. It covers all of the electrical wiring in a building and includes main panels, distribution boards, lighting, socket outlets, air conditioning and other fixed plant.

Is electrical testing a legal requirement?

Regular testing of a building’s wiring structure and maintenance is mandatory by law under The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671:2018. The frequency of testing required for compliance varies between environments, determined by a number of factors such as the use, operation and other external influences affecting the installation.

The IET Wiring Regs provide guidance on the maximum interval between fixed wire tests, based on the type of premises.

Will I receive a certificate once my inspection and testing is complete?

If your inspection and test are satisfactory, a signed electrical installation certificate together with a schedule of inspections and a schedule of test results are to be given to the person ordering the work.

What is phase balancing?

Phase balancing describes the effort of an engineer to ensure that the electrical load on a given system be as balanced as possible on each/every phase.

Why is thermal imaging used?

Thermal imaging is a test that can be utilised to identify unbalanced loads, poor connections, deteriorated insulation or any other issues in energized electrical panels or components without dismantling the components.

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