Energy Efficient Lighting

Our stylish and intelligent LED solutions are perfect for; Workspaces, Retail, Industrial Spaces, Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities.

Every business person is seeking ways to make their operation more efficient, more environmentally friendly and more profitable – and nowhere is that more relevant than in the choice of lighting. The emergence of LED technology now means that all business premises – new or old – can benefit from more energy efficient lighting solutions.  It really does feel like a ‘no brainer’. There are significant financial savings to be made through the installation of modern, energy efficient lighting systems. While initial installation costs may be slightly higher, the pay back time on lighting systems incorporating LEDs can be as little as 12 months, allowing your business to see a significant return on investment over the long lifespan of LED technology light fittings. LED lighting is around 80% more efficient and lasts 10 ten times longer than fluorescent lights. Your business will be reducing overheads at the same time as actively supporting the environment.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Well planned outdoor lighting around business premises can be an excellent deterrent to would-be criminals. The strategic positioning of energy efficient LED lighting can not only deter potential criminality but also improve the external appearance of your building – particularly through those dark winter months. LED bulbs can be fitted as low-energy floor lights, floodlights, brick lights and motion sensors – and the wonderful thing is that although the initial set up may be a little more expensive than old technology, it will save money in the longer term.

Lighting Control

Make your buildings more intelligent with Lighting Control. With lighting accounting for up to 50% of a commercial building’s electricity use, the efficient control of lighting across all areas is a vital tool in reducing energy waste. With the use of Lighting Control, Remark can create a comfortable working environment for your employees and enhance your workspace. Remark can design, supply and install an energy efficient lighting system tailored to your premises. We also have years of experience of exterior and interior commercial LED lighting and commercial outdoor security lighting. Please get in touch with one of our qualified engineers who can discuss your specific lighting needs. Call 0800 597 5558 or visit our contact us page.