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5 ways Businesses can utilise Digital Signage

5 ways Businesses can utilise Digital Signage


Digital Signage solutions is an electronic display platform that enables businesses to create an inspiring and immersive experience for all stakeholders. Digital Signage provides versatile solutions to allow companies to easily control, manage and update brand messages, and can even be utilised for wellbeing.  

If you’re wondering how your company could benefit from Digital Signage, we’ve put together 5 ways you can utilise Digital Signage.  

Brand Awareness

LED digital screen advertising increases brand awareness. In an increasingly digital world, digital displays capture 400% more views that static displays. Immersive digital displays can play a huge part in creating a different and unique experience, and by providing this, your visitors are more likely to remember your business and brand. 

Digital Signage comes in different sizes, abilities and shapes from flat panel displays; touch screen displays; video walls and more. Multiple signage can be freely connected, thanks to multi-screen technology, enabling businesses to display promotional messages across unique display arrays, seizing attention with dynamic and interchangeable possibilities. 

Typically, the content can be easily controlled and connected via the cloud, which provides multiple operational efficiencies and benefits. Businesses can really make the most of this versatility and get creative to offer your audience a unique experience. For example, Digital Signage goes hand in hand with motion detected directional sound, for a fully immersive (and memorable) consumer experience. 

The increased engagement can greatly benefit your business: increased visibility will mean that visitors are spending more time viewing your product or services. Combine this with a marketing strategy to entertain or educate them on your product and you’ll be influencing viewers to decide whether to buy your product or service, thanks to this desirability.  

You can even use Digital Signage as a tool to display a live RSS feed, such as linking to social channels to raise awareness of your digital marketing campaigns. If you only want to show certain messages, then that’s not a problem – you can programme your feed to follow specific hashtags, so that the content is targeted and fit for purpose. 

Menu Boards

Your digital signage can change as often as your menu. Your restaurants and eatery can benefit from the flexibility of being able to quickly change content with ease: from pricing, menu options, and offers. Digital Signage allows you to cross-sell, up-sell, and even allows viewers to visualise meals.

In fact, studies have shown that 50% of patrons find digital graphics highly engaging and that digital menu boards can lift sales by 5%. 

Switching from paper/plastic graphics to digital graphics can also have a positive influence on the environment. As campaigns and pricing can change each week, the waste that some restaurants produce can be high – but switching to digital will ultimately reduce your waste and help the environment. 


Guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space. Wayfinding is particularly important in Hospitals, GP Surgeries, large shopping centres and large corporate businesses. Wayfinding accompanied with self-service kiosks not only increases engagement, but can also reduce waiting times, operational costs and data entry errors. 

Wayfinding Kiosks with touch screen technology have the capability to provide captivating interactive displays and accommodate versatile digital signage requirements. Powered by Digital Signage technology, they support networked content playback, as well as abundant interactivity such as live text media feeds, enabling a truly immersive digital experience.

Staff engagement 

Increase productivity, improve, employee retention and enhance creativity with digital signage. Using digital communications for employee engagement can help to create a more cohesive workforce. By utilizing Digital Signage for staff engagement, you could: advertise employee events; display important notices; or communicate safety information and training reminders. As we have already mentioned, digital signage can also be linked to social channels, such as Twitter, so that your staff can be easily kept informed with the latest company news and trends.   


Digital Signage can be used to bring the benefits of nature inside to your employees, to increase their wellbeing and productivity. Nature and pictures of nature provide a mental boost, restore energy, and stave off mental fatigue. Digital Signage for wellbeing comes in a variety of designs and solutions. For example, Skylight Technology and Digital Panels have been created on the realisation that light plays a fundamental role to our health. Through responding to the constraints of urban environments, dark, dull and windowless workplaces can be transformed by light fields to provide peaceful landscapes such as the sky or horizon, regardless of the season.

Psychological benefits are also gained from the illusion of a more spacious, open and brighter office. Certain Digital Skylights can even regulate our circadian cycle; this corresponds to our normal physiology and health by ensuring that our body’s internal clock is maintained for 24 hours, allowing us to function at the best of our ability.  


There are many innovative ways Digital Signage can immerse viewers. This interactive medium is effortless to manage through the cloud, while reducing waste and even improving employee wellbeing and productivity. Our specialists at Remark can offer advice and guidance whether you are looking for a small Digital Signage display, immersive video wall, or a large outdoor digital menu board.

We will listen to your needs and objectives then provide you with a range of options that best suit the requirements of your business. By combining our expertise in IT services, network infrastructure and cabling systems, we will provide you with a complete and seamless digital signage solution, whether you need stand-alone digital signs or complex, integrated, multi-site display systems.

Talk to one of our digital experts today on 0800 597 5558 or fill out the contact form.

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