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Adapting To Flexible Working

Adapting To Flexible Working

Adapting To Flexible Working - What Does It Look Like?

What does adapting to flexible working look like? If you run a business, this is something you’ve probably been thinking about a lot recently. The answer to flexible working won’t be the same for every business. For one office, it might involve offering part remote and office working options for your employees. For another, it might include offering solutions that allow for a more flexible working environment in your office or workspace, such as incorporating breakout and meeting rooms alongside an open-plan office space.

For most businesses, particularly those that operate from an office, flexible working has been enforced due to covid restrictions. Uncertainty and rapid changes to restrictions has created a lot of back and forth over how and where people have been allowed to work. In other words, businesses have been obliged to think on their feet and adapt as they shifted their work from the office into remote environments.

You may have realised there are benefits to a more flexible work set-up. Should you decide to incorporate these into how your business operates going forwards, we’re detailing the key things to think about when it comes to creating a more permanent flexible working plan.

Benefits for remote working

There’s no doubt that there are some exceptional benefits to remote working, including: creating a better work–life balance, reduced commuting times, and a reduced need for office space - potentially saving huge costs on overheads.

If you offer a flexible working approach with the option to work in the office or remotely, the obvious benefit of this is giving your employees greater freedom and autonomy over the way they work, which could reduce staff turnover and boost job satisfaction.

Workplace wellbeing and mental health

Whilst there are many benefits to remote working, it’s not without its issues.

Not all employees will respond as enthusiastically to reduced interaction with work colleagues. Of course, there are plenty of communication tools to keep collaboration and communication flowing, but it’s easy for small talk and those random pockets of friendly conversation to fall to the wayside. Over time, this could have an impact on your colleague’s wellbeing.

That’s not to mention that not everyone has an ideal work-from-home set up. We don’t all have designated office spaces in a quiet environment. Without a professional or comfortable setting, some employees may struggle to work from home on a full-time, permanent basis and this could ultimately impact the quality of work being completed or even cause ergonomic issues.

That’s why it’s important to get to know what your employee’s preferences are. Some may prefer to work from home, whilst others may prefer to always be in the office. You can also gauge productivity levels to see what’s working best for your business.

How your business can incorporate a flexible approach going forward

Creating a flexible approach going forwards depends on a number of factors. From responding to the latest covid updates and health and safety advice, to evaluating which work set-ups produce the best outcome when it comes to productivity and performance, from there you can decide how to move forwards. Should you feel a flexible approach is the way forward, Remark has all the technology and workplace solutions you need to create a set-up that works for your business.

How Remark can help

Advances in remote working technology have provided businesses and employees with the freedom to choose what works best for them. At Remark Group, we provide intelligent business solutions that improve in-office, remote and hybrid working environments. Our video conferencing solutions ensure your audio and visual quality is of the highest quality for frictionless and successful hybrid meetings. Our team of Audio Visual designers and engineers are experienced in installing video conferencing rooms. We can also integrate with your current hardware, like your existing commercial display screens, within your existing board room or huddle room. From Microsoft Teams and Zoom approved devices, to bring-your-own-device solutions, we can design a solution bespoke for you.

Contact us about adapting your business to flexible working today.

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