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Are Huddle rooms becoming the go to meeting room?

Are Huddle rooms becoming the go to meeting room?

What is the most popular meeting room?

Thirty-nine percent of UK office workers have the majority of their meetings in medium-sized meeting rooms, which generally hold seven to eight people. The next most popular meeting room was a huddle room, with the ability to hold three to six people.

Huddle rooms are slowly becoming more and more popular over large meetings and even medium meeting rooms in some cases, but why is this?

What is a Huddle Room?

First of all, let’s clarify what makes a meeting room a huddle room. Unlike the larger, more conventional meeting spaces that need to be booked in advance, a huddle room is there for when inspiration strikes or for when an impromptu quick meeting needs to take place.

The idea of a huddle room, is for individuals to come together and have an intimate meeting, literally putting their heads together, to increase productivity and collaboration, particularly for those creative individuals in the team.

Why is a Huddle Room so popular?


Huddle rooms don’t have the capacity of your traditional large meeting room, so only those directly involved in the project are present. Less attendees means those involved can have more input without any irrelevant contribution, they are there because they need to be, not just to fill up the meeting space, therefore making the meeting more productive.


Rather than having to book a meeting in advance, the beauty of a huddle room is that it’s available whenever you need it. This can also increase productivity because meetings can be called spontaneously as soon as creativity is spiked or when an urgent matter needs to be dealt with. Having the flexibility of a huddle room will allow your employees to become more creative and collaborative.


There are several problems that open workspace concepts create, but perhaps the two most harmful to productivity and collaboration are noise and distractions. Huddle rooms solve this problem by providing a quiet space where a small group of collaborators can have an intimate conversation without interruptions

Since COVID-19

COVID-19 has only helped increase the popularity of smaller meeting rooms as the number of large meeting with many employees has significantly decreased due to social distancing measures.

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