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Five Ways To Attract Your Employees Back To The Office

Five Ways To Attract Your Employees Back To The Office

According to an article published by Work In Mind, nearly a quarter of British workers would rather quit or find a new job than go back to the office. London saw a significant decrease in attendance in offices - down a staggering 30%.

The pandemic has a lot to answer for. Overnight, employees across the UK (and the world) made working from home the new normal. Some preferred the setup. This preference was in part due to the fear of catching the virus or passing it on to vulnerable relatives. Even well into 2022, this fear hasn’t completely departed.

For others, the preference was a result of an enhanced work-life balance and saving money on transport costs.

With employees realising that they don’t have to attend the office to complete office-based work, some need a little more encouragement to be enticed back.

One approach is to make it a compulsory requirement to come into the office. However, this could mean you miss out on the above-mentioned 25% of British workers.

In this guide, we’re looking at ways you can attract employees back into the office, so you’re not missing out on good candidates for the job, but still meeting your company culture and business goals. After all, there are still plenty of benefits to working in the office.

Adopt a hybrid approach

You might not want all your employees working from home, however, you can adopt a hybrid approach. This offers a happy medium that many employees may feel comfortable with.

Rethink your environment

Starting with making your office a more comfortable space to work for all your employees will be a big help. Office conditions are closely linked to mental health and wellbeing. It’s recommended that you pay attention to temperature, light and noise levels and the quality of your office chairs.

Lead with empathy

According to an article published by Forbes, 86% of employees reported they are better able to navigate the demands of their work and life when their managers are more empathetic.

It’s no secret that employees have faced an increase in personal issues as a result of the pandemic, so leading with empathy is important. Whether an employee is classed as vulnerable due to underlying health conditions, they’re concerned about a relative’s health or dealing with bereavement or mental health - these are all concerns that have become more prevalent.

Being flexible, ensuring employees have the right support and offering work from home options for those who really need it is important.

If you’re offering snacks, bottomless coffee from the machine and regular team game sessions, these are features you should advertise. If you offer incentives for people to come into the office, they may be happier to show up.

Create an attractive office

Once you’ve got the right environmental conditions, you may want to think about adding some attractive features to brighten up your office, such as plants, artwork and Digital Displays.

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