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Top Audio Conferencing Challenges - How AV Experts Can Help

IT managers and their teams are not always aware of the nuances that come with testing audio for conference rooms. IT departments only have so much knowledge. Jitter, latency and packet loss are all important factors. But, AV experts can ensure your audio is providing the optimum user experience.

Hybrid working

If you’re hosting a hybrid meeting with remote and office based participants, it’s important both from a productivity standpoint and a wellbeing perspective to ensure audio quality is sufficient.
The rise in hybrid working, coupled with 30% of users not even using video, means that audio really should take priority. Crystal clear acoustics will be integral to ensuring every word is heard and to keep all participants engaged.

Language barriers

If you’re communicating or collaborating with international participants, there are further barriers. Not speaking the same language at native level and interpreting heavy accents means that - without clear audio - participants will struggle to understand one another.

If your business or organisation regularly hosts audio conference meetings with international clients or individuals, this is a critical consideration for user experience.

Hearing impairments

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 19% of people have hearing loss - that amounts to more than 1.5 billion people around the world.

A meeting will be fruitless if attendees cannot hear or understand one another. That’s where AV experts can help.

Many disruptions can be avoided with the right acoustic environment and technology. Contact Remark Group today. Our AV experts can test all your audio equipment and suggest recommendations on how you can improve the user experience and keep disruptions to a minimum. Enquire about our audio and video conferencing solutions today.

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