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Benefits of a Meeting Room Booking System

Benefits of a Meeting Room Booking System


In today’s business world, there is a huge focus on collaboration. With offices and co-workers spread out geographically and across different time zones, meetings are generally carried out with technologies like video conferencing and shared screens. 

Meeting rooms, huddle rooms and pods are becoming increasingly more popular in the workplace, so much so that sometimes you may not be able to gain access to them. In some cases, you may have thought that you booked out a meeting room but when you go to use it someone else is already in there. 

There are multiple benefits from having a meeting room booking system, below, we have highlighted some of the main advantages of having a booking system. 

Manage Room Occupancy 

A proper room booking system will automatically detect and prevent users from booking rooms that already have meetings. This pre-emptive method of detection and prevention eliminates the majority of office productivity related problem of having to find a vacant room.

Using meeting room reporting, you can gain data on how often your 12-person boardroom is used by just 4 people. This will allow you to better understand the space required to meet the demands of your business and make more well-informed decisions about the size of your meeting room.

Meeting Room Utilisation 

Surveys have shown the meeting rooms only get used around a third of the time. This means that, in an average 8-hour working day, over five hours’ worth of meeting rooms are going to waste. 

When proper controls and a structured policy for usage is implemented, usage of rooms can improve. A room booking system that provides insight into the usage of rooms and the patterns of bookings and cancellations can help management better understand their office and plan the office space for greater efficiencies.

Multiple methods of Booking

Choosing a room booking system that provides various avenues for booking can simplify the process of finding and reserving a room even easier. From web-based interface that can be accessed through any browser to a mobile application or a wall-mounted room display panel can provide staff who are always on the move to be able to find and reserve rooms.


In a modern office, it is imperative to have a system that replaces more manual techniques of room reservation. With a proper system in place, offices can see significant improvement in productivity, morale while experiencing better use of office space. Business rules and policies can help make rooms available to people who need it. Various methods of interacting with the system can address the needs of staff who are desk bound or on the move. 

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