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Benefits of Digital Signage in the Workplace

Benefits of Digital Signage in the Workplace

What is digital signage?

Before we go into the benefits, let’s first discuss what digital signage is. Digital signage is used effectively to target audiences with relevant advertisements while they’re most primed to engaged; in shopping centre, at the cinema or even in the gym.

Digital signage solutions has proved hugely successful as a tool for capturing audiences, emphasising key messages and underpinning powerful customer facing communication campaigns. But how can we leverage capabilities to generate engagement in the workplace?

Digital signage as an internal communications tool

Deliver essential news and updates

Digital signage is an excellent method for delivering short snippets of information, so it lends itself to staff updates and company news extremely well. When strategically placed around the workplace in easily visible areas like receptions and communal areas, digital signage can be relied upon to effectively inform employees about urgent changes and information alerts.

Digital signage can be linked with your desktop platform to allow ease of use and reliable distribution. It provides a quick method of distributing bite-size pieces of information and has proved to be a great way of informing employees about upcoming changes in your organisation.

Elevate campaigns and initiatives

A lot of work and effort goes into Internal events and campaigns, to see them fall flat due to low engagement is very disappointing. Leveraging digital signage in an advertising capacity for the workplace is a great way of creating a buzz around the office and getting employees engaged in the latest campaigns.

With constant reminders around the workplace your campaigns will be embedded in the minds of employees and you can expect significant uptake of workforce engagement with your campaign.

Connecting your frontline and non-desk employees

Front line employees are constantly on the move, checking mobile devices for work messages often happens during breaks and after hours. Digital signage is a perfect communication tool to distribute information in real time.

Dynamic content can be specifically targeted for the frontline so that you can rely upon it to deliver important updates to employees that can often feel overlooked. When it comes to reaching the hard-to-reach, digital signage presents a compelling solution for connecting non-desk employees with corporate news and campaigns, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to engage with the latest content.

Future proof your business

The future of the workplace is completely digital. The future workplace will transform the way we work and support employees with a system of technologies that engage employees and disseminates information effortlessly.

Digital signage provides a bridge of communication between people and technological intelligence, digital signage in the workplace is your employees go to hub for important information. Digital signage can operate as an extension of your intranet, another channel for reaching the hard to reach and connecting them with corporate initiatives, important alerts and generally keeping them in the loop.

Since COVID-19

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic first started, digital signage solutions have been used increasingly more for displaying safety messages, maintaining social distancing measures and for measuring occupancy numbers in meeting rooms.

Ready to make the switch to digital signage?

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