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Benefits of using video conferencing for your business

Benefits of using video conferencing for your business


In today’s day and age, it is important to find the best collaborative solution for your business. Audio conferencing used to be the preferred technology for conferencing but with the leaps and bounds made in video conferencing technology, more businesses are choosing video over audio conferencing. It’s clear that the global spread of Coronavirus is having a significant impact. It’s even affecting workplace communication as more staff avoid high population offices, but this is where video conferencing steps in to save the day.The office design of today offers a multitude of solutions to better connect remote and resident workers so that communication and efficiency are less effected by an increasingly nomadic workforce. One of the most valuable of these solutions is good video conferencing technology, which enables things like meetings, briefs and collaborative idea-sharing to still take place, even when all members of staff aren’t in the same room.

If you’re not using video conferencing already, we have listed the benefits of using a video conferencing system for your business.

Improved Communication 

With customers across the county, or even the world, a virtual meeting can allow for agreed start time and end-time, benefiting all those involved. Allowing for a more intensive discussion with less chit-chat. Instead of trailing through long email chains, where messages can be obscured, participant can see visual cues in body language from customers, partners and colleagues – video conferencing is the closest thing to being there in person. 

Increase productivity

Improved communication means improved productivity. Participants are more likely to stay focused during a video conference meaning decisions can be made faster and productivity increases.  

Reduce travel times and costs 

With customers and partners being in different locations, travel to and from their offices can be costly and time consuming. Video conferencing eliminates both of these, with the ability to log into meetings without leaving your office can increase productivity and reduce time wasted, meaning more time for work. 

Visual Aids 

Audio conferencing is a great way of communicating to your team members or customers, but it lacks that visual element. With video conferencing you can include live presentations whilst both participants making notes visible to each other. Having to use all senses, not just hearing ability heightens concentration levels and allows you to absorb more information. 

Optimised Attendance 

Having the ability to log into a meeting anywhere means that those who cannot travel to you have the capability to attend even from their home. Increased attendance means, less time, sharing notes to those who could not attend and more time creating productive work and making those all-important decisions. 

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