Conference and Meeting Venues

When searching for a conference or meeting venue, organisers want to first be sure it can hold the right number of people and then determine whether the technology meets their requirements. For example, can a presenter quickly switch between a document, the internet and a video file? Is the projector of a high enough quality? Does the venue have an interactive whiteboard to engage audiences even more effectively? Can the lighting levels in the room be controlled easily?

The equipment within the rooms available to hire is a significant selling proposition for hotels, exhibition halls and other conference and meeting spaces. Therefore, venues need to ensure client-facing technologies, such as fast Wi-Fi and user-friendly projectors, are kept current and properly maintained.

Organisers know not only will their presentation skills and materials be judged by their audience but also the venue they choose to host in which can reflect on the company’s brand. A forward thinking, technology led business will not want to host in a venue that lacks up to date audio visual equipment and systems.

Marketing state-of-the-art equipment, such as a digital signage display or a touchscreen panel that controls all electronic elements in the room, can help to attract new clients that want nothing less than contemporary, effective and straightforward-to-use technology.

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