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Creating A Video Wall For Your Business: Top Tips

Creating A Video Wall For Your Business: Top Tips

A video wall could consist of a single projection or several digital screens showing displays of your choice. The possibilities are endless. A video wall can of course also be used for meetings with external parties. Take a look at the top considerations when choosing an effective video wall for your business in this helpful guide.

Top 3 Tips For Creating a Video Wall For Your Business

Identify the purpose

Do you want to attract customers to a new in-store collection or offer? Or perhaps you want to create a safer and positive work culture by displaying the latest team news and notifications? Having a purpose in mind will help your video wall align with your business goals, and effective office management.

Know your audience

Similarly to identifying the purpose of your video wall, it’s equally important to have an understanding of your audience. This will help you display the right type of content at the right time, to help you to create effective content that gets the results you’re rooting for.

Unify your displays

Sometimes minimal content is all you need. It’s best not to overcomplicate the design. If you have several screens all showing different displays, particularly with moving footage or graphics, this could distract your employees or target audience, and they may struggle to retain the important information if they’re presented with several messages simultaneously. In other words, it’s best to avoid displays that are too cluttered.

Remark Group can provide your video wall solution - from designing the most impactful formation of screens, to providing installation. As experts in business solutions, we can help ensure your video walls are installed in a prime location to capture your audience’s attention.

Speak to us today to arrange a demonstration of our video wall technology and discuss your options in more detail.

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