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Digital signage could provide a fruitful revenue stream

Digital signage could provide a fruitful revenue stream

The latest technology in digital signage - such as LED screens, video walls and interactive touch screens - is now widely used by a variety of organisations and businesses to communicate their messages, services or offers.

From schools, colleges and retail environments through to boardrooms and reception areas, digital signage has replaced traditional methods in many cases, providing a versatile option that can be changed quickly and professionally, as required. This means it has dual purpose and can be easily switched to an advertiser’s message if being used as a platform for others to use.

Systems design engineer at the Remark Group explains: "From a welcoming message used in a business reception area, to information about business services or even a local traffic update to help visitors plan their onward journey, the options are endless with digital signage - which is why it is growing in popularity.

"The beauty of digital signage is that it can also be used to promote the services of other businesses and organisations that might be synergistic with your business offering, and it allows the opportunity to create an income from the advertising of these services. In the current economic climate, this is an avenue some organisations might want to capitalise on."

In addition to the advances in technology, the systems can be as simple or as complex as required - from a standalone screen to a complex, integrated multi-site display.

"Audio visual services in general have boomed in recent years, not just digital signage but also interactive whiteboard technology, video conferencing and easy-to-use touch panels. These are just some of the areas where we've seen a real increase in uptake."

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