Digital Signage in Healthcare


The healthcare industry is probably one of the few industry’s where Digital Signage is even more beneficial for employees, patients and visitors alike.

Digital Signage provides organisations the tools to be more efficient and cost effective, leading to an improved patient experience and staff wellbeing. In our latest industry news piece, we look at the most beneficial forms of Digital Signage in healthcare.

Waiting Areas

The worst part of going to any hospital or GP surgery is the wait, time seems to go incredibly slowly in waiting rooms. Digital Signage, if utilised correctly, can be a useful tool to help relieve anxiety and boredom. The use of entertainment, news channels and live streams from social media can all help alleviate the patients and visitors long anxious wait.

Employee Communication

When healthcare staff finally get a break, it’s important that they are up to date with all safety, rules and latest news. Digital Signage is a great way of engaging with your staff and informing them of all the latest industry news and work events that maybe coming up. A live stream of all health news channels can keep doctors, nurses, housekeepers up to date, lowering the cost of printed signage which can quickly become outdated.

Most healthcare staff work long hours, so wellness tips and motivational quotes are a great way of keeping your staff going through that 12-hour shift.


Hospitals are huge and finding your way through as a patient or visitor can be confusing, frustrating and stressful. Self-service kiosks can reduce stress for both your patients and staff. Guide your patients with a live map that they can also access via their phone. Live maps mean patients are less likely to get lost on the way to their appointments and avoid being late, meaning run-over times on appointments can hopefully one day be a thing of the past.

Health and Safety Messages

Health & Safety information or hygiene messages can be updates on a regular basis via Digital Signage. Strategically placed around healthcare facilities, digital signage can be places all-round the building, not just where there has been time to put up a poster. Emergency messages can be updated through a centrally controlled system, improving the ability to respond to any type of situation.

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