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Ensure Workplace Digital Signage Is a Success With These Top Tips

Ensure Workplace Digital Signage Is a Success With These Top Tips

Digital signage in the workplace has many versatile use cases. With so many possibilities for the types of content you can display, it's important to bring focus to your overall objectives and ensure you’re choosing both the right hardware and software. As expert workplace digital signage suppliers and installers, we’re sharing our top tips below.

Establish your objectives first

Before purchasing hardware and software, you should first establish your objectives and how you are going to measure the success of your workplace digital signage. Are your objectives to raise health and safety standards, boost employee engagement or highlight to visitors what your business is all about?

Research your options

Most likely, you already have a type of content in mind. As digital signage is highly versatile, you might not be aware of all the opportunities that are available. That’s where researching your possibilities can come in useful.

Think ahead on the types of content you want to display

You can integrate social media, live news and real-time data. This is a good way to display fresh content that’s relevant.

The visuals won’t be designed specifically for the signage. Instead, they will be integrated with your available platforms. This will require very little creative input as the content already exists. But you may need assistance to make sure the integration works smoothly and is displayed on the right screen.

Planning ahead and thinking about the sorts of content you would like to display will influence your final decision on the screen you choose. For instance, some content will look better in a landscape orientation or make more of an impact over several screens rather than one.

Would you prefer a multipurpose solution?

You may want to schedule content. However, you may also want your team to be able to take over the screen for training or educational purposes.

In this case, video conferencing may be a more suitable solution. It depends on whether your business requires a space for holding conferences or not.

Be consistent with messaging that’s on-brand

If an employee or visitor was to walk past your digital signage content, would they instantly recognise your brand or business? Your internal or external marketing teams should be sure to use on-brand messaging, colour schemes and logos. Think about the tone of voice and the purpose behind the message.

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