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How to Future-Proof Your Digital Signage

How to Future-Proof Your Digital Signage

If you’re considering acquiring digital signage to assist with your business objectives, you’ll want to consider the future. Technology can update and change quickly. Once you’ve spent the upfront costs on installing your digital screens, you’ll want to know it’ll continue to perform and produce the results you’re looking for. Part of this process includes choosing the right solution that’s built with the future of technology in mind.

In this guide, we’re looking at some of the expected advancements in digital displays so you can make sure your displays are prepared. It’s all about getting the most out of the technology that’s available.

What if you already have digital signage? This guide will identify ways you can upgrade.

The plus side is that digital displays are already versatile and adaptable, with use cases applied to almost any sector.

Personalising Data

With touchscreen displays, such as food ordering portals, you can gather data and let algorithms perform extra marketing on your behalf. For instance, the algorithm could see that other items are regularly purchased alongside a product that a customer is about to buy. This is an opportunity to market and sell more products.

Using data in this way can also improve the customer experience, making it quicker and easier for them to fulfil their purchase or order.

You could give customers the option to log-in, meaning they can easily access their order history and collect loyalty points. Again, this is an opportunity to personalise the experience for the customer. If you have a new product from their favourite collection, this is a good opportunity to advertise that to a customer who’s more likely to purchase.

Does this work? According to Think with Google, 63% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies that make suitable product recommendations. This is likely to have a similar outcome for in-store digital displays.

Smarter Shopping

Smart shelves can help retail stores showcase their latest products, collections or special offers. This smart solution can display content, such as catwalk footage, adverts or even a behind-the-scenes video of how you came to create your latest product. This digital content can be triggered to play as a shopper walks past the screen or when they pick up an item. This will help your hero products get more attention, and create a more engaging, memorable experience for your customers.

Voice Control

As smartphone users are increasingly choosing to use voice search, this could be another element of digital signage to consider. According to Think with Google, 20% of searches are now done by voice. By offering both touch screen and voice control for interactive digital content, you’ll make the experience more accessible. Voice control is also a more hygienic option.

Live Streaming

As live streaming increases in popularity, it’s likely that the demand for this type of content will extend to digital displays. With the right connection, you can display a wide range of live content feeds.

Facial Recognition & Non-Contact Temperature Checks

Facial recognition could well be the future for secure and seamless access control. There are also non-contact temperature checks which can help prevent the spread of diseases and common illnesses, such as COVID-19. This is a particularly important consideration for healthcare facilities, where the health and safety of the patients can be compromised where there’s an outbreak on a ward.

How can Remark Group help?

Remark Group is at the forefront of business technology, offering hardware solutions that are ready for the future. We also work with smart technology using the Internet of Things to create intuitive buildings and solutions. If you want to upgrade or install a completely new digital signage solution, contact us today.

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