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Electric vehicle drivers at risk by charging from home mains supply

Electrical Safety Report

An inadequate public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the UK is forcing drivers to take risks by opting for highly dangerous alternatives at home, according to a survey by Electrical Safety First.

The survey has reported that 74% of electrical vehicle owners said the shortage of public charging points near their home had led them to use domestic multi-socket extension leads, not suitable for outdoor use, to charge from the mains in their home.  

Electrical Safety First urges consumers to take advantage of government grants to help fund the cost of a specially designed home charging point, which is safer than charging from the mains.

Remark Group

Remark Group are approved by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and Rolec EV (short for Electrical Vehicle) to install Rolec Electric Car Charging Points under both the Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme and Workplace Charging Scheme.

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