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Electrical Safety and Maintenance

It’s important for commercial buildings to stay on top of safety requirements to stay within the law and keep tenants and users safe. Safety checks and corresponding certificates are vital, as contact with faulty wiring and components or appliances, are the causes of some of the highest percentages of both non-fatal and fatal incidents in the UK*.

Annual testing and inspections with accompanying reports should be commissioned by landlords, and maintenance and upkeep, as and when required outside of this period, should be carried out if there is a problem with any part of the electrical system.

Safety must be paramount where tenants are involved and any incidents that could cause harm or death fall fully under the responsibility of the landlord - both morally and legally speaking. Having the correct paperwork in place is imperative for the landlord to show they are operating within the law, but in addition, any problems that arise outside of annual testing should be dealt with promptly to avoid accidents and damage to both the building and equipment within it.

Electrical maintenance needn't be disruptive. Thermal Imaging equipment can provide a detailed scan of the building's electrical distribution equipment, thus highlighting overloaded or faulty circuits and devices that produce heat dissipation and which could result in future electrical breakdowns, or even electrical fires.

The Remark Group offers a variety of electrical services such as new installations, maintenance and upgrades on existing systems, cable containment and electrical safety testing. It can also provide reports and certificates in relation to electrical testing. For more information on how the Remark Group can help you drop us a message or give us a call 01733 405 965

*Electrical Safety Foundation International

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