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Six reasons why you should choose Energy Efficient Lighting

Six reasons why you should choose Energy Efficient Lighting


Countries across the globe are introducing legislations to increase energy efficiency of their buildings.

With this in mind, lighting is the easiest infrastructure to upgrade and with the growth of LED technology it now means that all businesses can benefit from more energy efficient lighting solutions - there’s no real reason why you can’t.

Read our six reasons as to why you should switch up your lighting now.

Longer Life Time

LED lamps now last a staggering ten times longer than compact fluorescents and forty times longer than your typical incandescent lamps, meaning less maintenance for you and your business.

Less power

LED lights use less power per unit of light generated – this is because in a traditional lamp, when electricity passes through the filament it produces an enormous amount of heat before producing any light. With LED technology, light is emmited as soon as an electric current passes through the light emitting diode which reduces the amount of wasted heat and energy.Hence the incredible energy savings. So, they not only last much longer but they also lower your electricity bill – saving your business money!

Greenest solution

LED lighting is the ‘greenest’ solution available on today’s market, unlike your compact fluorescent lamp, the LED lighting does not contain the highly toxic mercury, which isn’t only harmful to the environment but also to your personal health.

Reduces crime rate

The tactical positioning of outdoor energy efficient LED lighting can deter potential crime from your building. Giving you peace of mind.

The colour and design can be completely flexible.

LED light fittings can be fitted as low-energy warehouse/office lights & security floodlights, there really is a solution for every environment. LED mood illumination is already being used in airplanes to bridge jet-lags to allow for more natural sleep patterns, and also in classrooms where the right lighting has proven to improve students learning abilities and of course, within your offices to enhance employee concentration and well-being.

Enhanced capital allowance

Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) is a government scheme designed to encourage businesses to invest in energy saving technology, resulting in reduced carbon emissions. It does this by improving cash flow through accelerated tax relief, for participating companies. Any business that pays income or corporation tax is able to claim 100% first year capital allowance on a product that is included in the ETL at the time of purchase. This is done in the same way as claiming capital allowances.

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