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Those dreaded 4 little letters are back in your headlines. We all thought the news on GDPR was over, but it turns out a lot of company reception desks are actually breaching the GDPR Law.

Are you breaching the GDPR Law?

Recent research has shown that 62% of office workers have a look at who checked into the office before them if using a paper signing in sheet. This means that those businesses that continue to use paper logbooks are in breach of GDPR.

It is possible to make a paper log book GDPR compliant; if the logbook is stored safely, the data cannot be disclosed to third parties (other than receptionists), if it is destroyed in the shredder on a regular basis and if all other GDPR requirements are complied with. Realistically, how many companies have the time to do this? 


Digital solutions and visitor management systems are used in receptions to offer a smarter experience for visitors, staff and contractors and compared to a paper system, greatly reduces administration costs and time, with also being GDPR compliant. 

Not only does it ensure that your company isn’t breaching any GDPR rules, it gives visitors a positive first impression of your company and provides you with 24/7 visibility of who is on your site. 

Like many technologies, there are many solutions out there that offer multiple different services. The Remark Group can design, supply and install the right solution that is fit for your business and ensures that you are GDPR compliant.

Contact us today to start the process. 

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