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Getting Your Office Ready Post COVID-19

Getting Your Office Ready Post COVID-19


COVID-19 has had a major impact on our working day lives. Business owners now have to take into account social distancing guidelines, face mask policies and the working environment in general.

Ensuring that the office is a safe environment for employees to return to is going to be at the top of the list for all business owners, facility managers and office managers.

We’ve put together a list of solutions that can help get your office ready post COVID-19.

Access Control

Due to the global pandemic all offices will need to adjust their access control systems reflect changing threats and new working practices.

Access control is an effective method of monitoring who has access to your premises post COVID-19 and is going to be crucial to keeping your employees, visitors and clients safe.

One solution for keep your employees safe is through a contactless temperature control camera. The camera uses facial recognition technology to instantly measure the temperature of a person without them having to touch anything. The system can be integrated with your access control system and upon a successful temperature reading, the system will trigger the door lock to release. This can be integrated with an automatic door opener which will open, helping to create a contactless experience.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is going to be hugely beneficial to the office post COVID-19. Digital signage can be utilised around your premises to share health and safety messages, face mask reminders and live news feeds.

Where digital signage can really help with the return to the office though, is through sending out real-time alerts. Digital displays can be integrated with cameras and sensors in certain areas of the office to monitor occupancy control, face mask detection and social distancing.

Displays can also be integrated with room booking systems to display meeting and room availability and occupancy.

Office and Room Booking Systems

Careful management and planning needs to be considered when bringing employees back into the office. Ensuring that they can follow ongoing government guidelines and socially distance is important to keeping them safe.

Office and room booking systems can help you track who has made their desk reservations and when. Additionally, booking meeting spaces, managers can keep track of where their team members travelled through the day and with whom they met.

Social Distancing Detection and Occupancy Control

Protecting your employees, visitors and clients can be hard during the pandemic, especially when it comes to ensuring that everyone maintains social distancing. Remark Group can offer a social distancing detection solution and an occupancy control solution that allows you to apply safe measures in the workplace.

The data from these solutions can be sent in real-time to facility managers and digital signage to ensure that everyone is abiding by the guidelines set in place. The solution can also detect face masks and hotspots in the workplace, so you can determine which areas need adjusting.

What's Next?

Remark Group can help your business with the return to the office post COVID-19. Get in touch today to discuss the requirements of your business.

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