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How can Queues be monitored with Digital Signage?

How can Queues be monitored with Digital Signage?


One of the major benefits of digital signage is that it can show information in real-time. This is why digital signage is ideal for queue monitoring as:

  • It displays real-time data on screens
  • Can decrease perceived wait times
  • And can improve the overall customer experience.

How does it work?

Digital signage can help to control queue management in dynamic and efficient ways. When integrated with social distancing technology and CCTV cameras, digital signage can be a hugely effective solution to managing and monitoring queues, as well as complying to health and safety legislation.

Integrating digital signage with your IP camera provides the ability to detect whether people are abiding by the social distancing guidelines. This technology can also be applied to occupancy control. For example, in places where communal areas can only hold a certain amount of people, the solution can be set up to work with automated barriers or doors and digital signage to send real-time reports and alerts.

What are the benefits of Digital Signage with Queue Monitoring?

Reduce Perceived Wait times

Waiting in a long queue, with no indication of how long it will take to proceed can be frustrating. Waiting in a queue with other frustrated people can impact the overall customer experience for your brand: whether it’s within retail, waiting rooms, or supermarkets.

To resolve this, digital signage can be used across multiple industries to give customers engaging content, helping to reduce the perceived wait time. Although digital signage cannot reduce the actual wait time, it can give the impression of time moving faster by providing content that keeps customers entertained. Teaming the solution with Occupancy Control can be a great way of indicating in real time how long the customer has to wait.


Digital signage can enhance queue management and the customer’s waiting experience, as well as deliver key campaign messages. Signage can be utilised to display relevant information; this information could relate to special offers, a new seasonal launch, QR codes to direct customers to other channels, advertise services that may influence consumer behaviours and engagement.

Increased Efficiency

With digital signage in place, teams can manage queues more accurately. Thanks to real-time notifications and alerts, visitors can instantly see who’s next. As your team can manage resources more quickly and easily, it will speed up the queuing process and delivery of services.


There digital signage provides numerous ways to manage and improve the efficiency of your queues.

Whether you’re looking to utilise digital signage for queue management on entering your premise, or for queue management for areas within your premises, Remark Group can provide the best solution for your business. Find out more on our solutions here or get in touch.

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