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How Digital Signage Can Help Make Your Healthcare Facility COVID Safe

How Digital Signage Can Help Make Your Healthcare Facility COVID Safe


In the age of COVID-19, healthcare facilities have faced a whole new array of challenges, including how they keep their employees and patients safe. No sector has had to adapt more quickly or respond to such massive challenges as healthcare.

With many patients cautious of visiting healthcare facilities, digital signage could provide valuable tools; helping to direct visitors and patients to their destinations, reinforce social distancing measures, reduce perceived waiting times and reduce the need to interact with other people, keeping frontline workers and patients safe.

Display Important Health and Safety Messaging

Digital signage is the perfect solution for health and safety messaging across a healthcare facility. From critical health and safety updates to information on community programs, events and other important topics, digital signage can greatly improve visitor and patient experience. Streaming news and other forms of entertainment also helps occupy and destress patients while they wait for appointments.

Provide Real-Time Alerts to keep everyone safe

Digital signage provides a solution for sharing important real-time information. Digital signage can be integrated with other technologies that are beneficial to healthcare facilities like room booking systems, CCTV cameras, and occupancy control to display real-time alerts when social distancing guidelines aren’t being followed, masks aren’t being worn or when the occupancy level has reached its limit.

It can also prove patients with real-time updates on their positions in the queue and wait time. Providing a safe, efficient and positive experience for all visitors and healthcare staff.

Interactive Solutions to reduce person-to-person contact

Interactive solutions can help to cut down on person-to-person interactions whilst also ensuring that people have the information they need.

Although interactive solutions are great to help to reduce in-person contact, healthcare facilities face a complex problem when it comes to multiple people touching the touch screen. The solution is a simple QR code that users can interact with on their own smartphone, reducing the need to touch a public touchscreen.

With the use of their own smart phone, patients can perform multi-touch gestures in order to interact with the touchscreen without having to actually touch the formerly interactive display screen.


Digital signage can help visitors navigate buildings quickly and without assistance. Wayfinding screens with QR codes enable visitors and patients to easily download information and directions to their mobile phone through wayfinding features.

Access to real-time information is critical as both individuals and healthcare facilities navigate COVID-19. Digital signage enables healthcare facilities to adapt quickly to changes, whether that is information updates or changes to the facility and environment.

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