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How Digital Signage Systems Improve Healthcare Services

How Digital Signage Systems Improve Healthcare Services

Digital signage and displays are traditionally used for advertising and marketing communications. Digital displays for videos and images, kiosks, and interactive displays can all be utilised in public spaces to provide effective and dynamic communications for businesses.

Digital signage networks with multiple screens can be suitably placed throughout various locations within hospitals, clinics, and GP practises.

This could include public spaces, such as:

  • Entrances
  • Walkways
  • Patient waiting rooms.

As well as this, for internal communications such as:

  • Employee workstations
  • Cafeterias

Uses and Benefits of Digital Signage in a Healthcare setting


Large hospitals and multi-site healthcare facilities can be difficult to navigate around, particularly for first time visitors and patients. Interactive wayfinding kiosks are a great way of helping patients, visitors and visiting doctors to find and reach their locations quickly and effortlessly.

Kiosks can be placed at the entrance of hospitals, as well as at various departments reception areas, to provide necessary information on their location. They can also be utilised as a signing in register with information on the patient’s appointment time, the name of the doctor and further sign-in instructions or site-specific information.

Waiting Areas

Waiting areas can often be an uncomfortable area for patients. Patients may also wait to be called into their consultants’ room, without knowing whether the practice is over running or not. However, digital displays in waiting areas can be used to display when the patient can go into the room, what room number their doctor is in, and communicate any delay in the appointment times.

Digital displays can also be used to display important information and educational instructions for certain illnesses, diseases, and even wellbeing tips, whilst patients are waiting. Displays can also stream live news channels, Twitter feeds and entertainment to help the patients feel more at ease while they wait for their appointment.

Internal and Employee Communications

Digital displays aren’t just beneficial to visitors and patients, they can also bring huge benefits to all healthcare employees.

Effective internal communications are crucial in healthcare where teamwork and efficiency are of upmost importance. Digital displays can be easily updated and used to display internal communication across a large campus, informing employees of recent health and safety updates and company news, no matter where they are in the facility.

They can also be utilised to display wellbeing messages, upcoming employee events and staff achievements, helping to boost morale and increase productivity.


Digital displays work really effectively as menu boards. They can have the ability to update the menu from a PC or laptop as flexibly as the menu, pricing or special offers change. Content updates will go out to the displays that are connected to the system instantly in real time, making it easier and more efficient than regularly printing paper menus.

Emergency and Health and Safety Messaging

Digital displays placed in strategic positions around healthcare facilities are a great way of informing employees of recent health and safety updates and any emergencies that are happening around the building.

With the ability to update all signage across a multi-facility site within minutes, digital signage is fast and easy way of ensuring that important communications are delivered to the right people in time.

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