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How Do You Manage The Return To The Office?

How Do You Manage The Return To The Office?

COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Homeworking has provided an alternative to office working for the most part, but as the Government prepares the UK for a ‘return to normal,’ employees are now being encouraged to go back to the office.

While this may come as a relief for some missing the lack of face-to-face collaboration with employees, it does mean it’s all change once again - and managing this change effectively is important.

At Remark, we have developed a number of solutions to aid businesses during this challenging, transitional time which we’ve outlined below.

Occupancy Control

Camera-based people counting systems allow businesses to keep track of the number of people in their premises, and even the number of people in individual rooms too. If predetermined occupancy levels are reached, the systems can send out a notification to prevent more people from entering, ensuring occupancy levels can be maintained.

Digital Signage

These versatile LED and LCD screens can display everything from websites through to images, videos and text. This makes them ideal for managing your employees’ return to the office with health and safety reminders in the wake of COVID-19. These attention-grabbing displays can be used to give visitors directions around your building (for example, to maintain a one-way system), to remind people to sanitise their hands, and follow on-site health and safety guidelines. Content can be updated remotely and in real-time, meaning that providing updates to multiple screens can be achieved instantly - whether you’re working on or off site. With digital signage the possibilities are endless.

Contactless Temperature Check

Our contactless Temperature Screening Cameras allow businesses to keep their employees and visitors safe with minimal effort. The system utilises facial recognition technology to scan the individual and provide a real-time temperature reading. The camera readings can be integrated into your building’s doorway access system too, preventing people from entering if their temperature falls outside a healthy range.

Interested in how technology can help you manage the return to the office? Contact us today to arrange a demonstration at our headquarters.

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