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How does video conferencing benefit your business?

How does video conferencing benefit your business?


Modern technology continuously evolves, and with it, businesses that rely on this technology must also continue to grow and advance with it. In a business capacity, technology is used for communication, collaboration and connecting. Video conferencing has become one of the most used tools in a business, it enhances communication and takes the pressure out of face to face meetings.

In this post, we’ve highlighted the main benefits of making the switch to video conferencing for your business.

Reduced Travel Time and Costs

Video conferencing reduces the need for any travel costs, with the ability to ‘meet’ with any of your colleagues, employees or customers across the globe the need for travel is considerably reduced, reducing any associated costs.

Video conferencing is a great way to connect with people across different locations. Seeing people face-to-face, without travelling to meetings, saves time and money. And you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the conversation. But for it to really work, video conferencing needs to be slick and effortless.

Although the set-up of video conferencing can be costly, there are multiple solutions to suit each business, their needs and their budget. From small huddle rooms facilitating 2 – 4 people, to large conferencing boardrooms, Remark Group can work with your business to provide you with the best collaboration room.

Improved Communication

Video conferencing allows for more intensive discussions with less chit-chat, and participants are more likely to stay alert and focused on what is being discussed.

Communication is key to every business, and when times are challenging this is even more true. By investing in communication and collaboration tools and ensuring all employees are comfortable and competent using them, businesses will benefit no matter what the external situation is. While these solutions offer clear business benefits year-round, during unexpected disruption they can become absolutely essential so it’s important to be prepared.

Increased Productivity

As a result of improved communications, participants are more in tune with each and decisions are able to be made faster, increasing their productivity. Problems can be solved faster and services for clients can be developer more quickly, providing your business with a competitive edge.

In our latest survey, it was found that 90% of office workers find themselves nodding off or losing concentration in meetings and half of people leave meetings thinking they weren’t successful. With the introduction of collaborative technologies like video conferencing, employees are more likely to stay alert and productive.


When you consider all of these advantages combined, it’s easy to see how video conferencing provides a strong competitive edge for your business. With lower costs, increased team unity and more productive meetings, you can streamline many of your current tasks and increase collaboration at the same time.

Remark Group are proud to be partnered with multiple different companies, ensuring that your business gets the right solution. We don’t believe in one size fits all which is why we can work with your company to provide you with a bespoke video conferencing solution.

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