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How IoT Will Impact Different Industries

How IoT Will Impact Different Industries

Changing the way we do business, IoT is connectivity at its best.

By connecting devices and sensors to the internet, we are entering an age where data analytics, connectivity, and automation can help us achieve more, more quickly. Collecting and sharing data effortlessly to fine-tune environmental factors, IoT offers smarter, more responsive technology solutions. But how are they impacting different industries?

The Gartner glossary defines IoT as ‘the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment.’

This might sound a bit abstract or complex, but by applying it to real life examples it’s a lot easier to grasp how it functions. From optimising workflows and processes to making livestock and crops easier to track, there are a multitude of benefits in employing IoT to bring together real time data, enhancing business performance like never before.


Offices can benefit from building automation which automatically changes the lighting, air conditioning and heating according to adjustments in the environment.


Known as precision farming, with a little help from IoT, farmers and agriculturalists can track crops and livestock and quickly survey their land for changes in conditions.


IoT can help manufacturing plants to streamline and automate many of the processes on their production line, speeding up product output and increasing revenue.

Energy Companies

Energy companies utilise the power of IoT to more accurately record energy consumption and efficiently bill customers. Smart metres can help track the amount of energy users of green technologies, such as solar panels, send back to the grid. This ensures there are less discrepancies or surprise bills for customers.

It’s not just businesses that stand to benefit from IoT - smart homes are also seeing a surge with wireless entertainment, security and utility systems.

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