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How Often Should Solar Panels Be Serviced?

In this guide, we’re looking at how often commercial solar panels should be serviced to ensure optimum performance and longevity.

Commercial solar farms, parks, and business sites should have an annual inspection. This should include a comprehensive list of tests. Thorough inspections should include everything from the electrical infrastructure to the thermal imaging performance and stability of the mounts.

Not all inspections are created equal. To ensure that nothing’s missed and that you’re getting the most accurate data reports on performance, you’ll want to choose a specialist. The use of cutting-edge technology can make all the difference.

What tests should be part of your annual checkup?

The below is not an exhaustive list but includes some of the essential tests that should be part of your annual inspection. You should receive reports for each of these, along with a list of any required actions.

  • Thermal image inspections of the central inverters, DC disconnection units, string inverters, AC combiner boxes, DC combiner boxes and AC distribution boards
  • String testing
  • I-V curve testing
  • Transfer cable testing

Some commercial solar panel maintenance providers can offer enhanced tests that enable faster and more reliable detection. An example is aerial thermography. This inspection can detect issues across your PV plant well before they show up in PR calculations or on string monitoring platforms.

It’s also recommended that you organise reactive maintenance as part of your O&M contract. This will ensure that any emergencies or system failures are dealt with promptly to ensure minimal downtime.

Contact the solar O&M specialists at Remark Group today. We have industry experts on hand to take care of all your commercial solar panel maintenance.

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