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How Technology Is Changing The Workplace

How Technology Is Changing The Workplace

Technology is changing fast, especially in the workplace. It can be difficult to keep up. In this article, we’re sharing some of the key ways technology is changing the workplace to help you stay up to date with addressing some of the key business needs and improving efficiencies.

IoT (Internet of Things)

First developed in the 1980s, IoT refers to equipment, items or electrical infrastructure that is connected to the internet with a goal to automate processes which would otherwise be done manually. Taking out the need to complete certain tasks manually will ultimately save time and money.

This can predominantly be applied to smart buildings. You can automate your lights and temperature controls, for instance. You can also automate access control with temperature sensors and occupancy control measures.

Automatic updates to the building environment and essential processes means you and your workforce can move their efforts to other, more pressing aspects of the business.

Instant Messaging Platforms

Moving away from smart buildings, instant messaging platforms have certainly revolutionised the way people in the workplace communicate with each other.

More Effective Collaboration

Workplace technology has also evolved in the web and video conferencing department. Particularly with the advent of the pandemic, offices were forced to change their collaboration methods after more and more of their employees worked separately at home. Platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams stepped up their game to ensure that teams could still share work and ideas and collaborate effectively, even when not in the office. A by-product of this was that teams could bypass having to wait for invested parties to be available for an in-person meeting. Instead, now you can simply jump on a call and skip the inconvenience of travelling.

Top ways technology is changing the workplace for the better

From speeding up communication and making collaboration more effective to making buildings smarter, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy when it comes to the latest business technology developments. We’re excited to see how technology develops further to make businesses even more efficient.

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