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How to Improve patient check-in processes with digital signage

How to Improve patient check-in processes with digital signage


The patient check-in process is the first part of the healthcare facility experience that the patient experiences. This is one of the first opportunities the healthcare practice has to provide a seamless and exceptional patient experience.

Poorly managed check-in processes don’t just lead to dissatisfied patients, they lead to bottlenecks in patient flow, crowded waiting rooms and delayed appointments


Despite being overlooked by healthcare organisations, digital wayfinding systems are an integral element of the patient check in process. Digital wayfinding helps your patients guide their way around your healthcare facility.

Digital wayfinding is slowly becoming more prominent in workplaces, hospitals, educational premises and airports.

Through touchscreens, users are able to receive bespoke directions from their current location to where they want to be, this can even be downloaded to their phone via an app so they are never without directions.

Healthcare and hospital facilities are often spread out over large campuses, often with multiple buildings. Digital wayfinding can help reduce stress in finding the right place to be and reduce time looking for the right area.

Self-Check-In Kiosks

A digital sign in system is great way of reducing the check-in queue, making the check in process seamless will speed up arrivals reduce queuing and get patients into your waiting room quicker.

Interactive displays and kiosks can also be used to allow patients to schedule their own appointments in your waiting room or practice, this helps to speed up the whole process, allowing doctors and nurses to keep their appointment times without delay.

Waiting room signage Is crucial for patient satisfaction in a healthcare facility and waiting room. A patient’s waiting room experience affects how they view their whole visit and experience at the facility.

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