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How to Maximise ROI for Your Solar PV Farms

Improving every panel’s efficiency and output is crucial. In this guide, we’re looking at how you can achieve that with O&M.

According to the National Grid, renewables accounted for more than 43.1% of the UK's total electricity in 2020. This included solar and hydropower. This overtook fossil fuels for the first time in the nation’s history. The demand for renewable energy sources is likely to continue over the next decade, particularly with net-zero targets.

Upgrades & maintenance checks that can enhance your ROI

There are a number of maintenance checks that should be done each year. Regular maintenance by professionals can help ensure the technology is working at its optimum. Specialist commercial solar panel maintenance providers can identify issues as well as revenue-boosting opportunities.

CPV Panels

Solar cell efficiency is consistently improving, thanks to plenty of research and development leading to technology upgrades. CPV panels offer the most efficiency. These are more expensive than the traditional solar panel, so you will want an effective way to measure output and ROI on these panels.

Monitor Your Performance

You won’t want to just maximise your ROI; you’ll also want to be able to track the performance. By monitoring your energy generation, you will be able to effectively compare performance. Any significant drops in performance will warrant an inspection, as that could be a sign of a fault or issue with your plant. However, in many cases, decreases are subtle and go unnoticed until they become a problem that requires immediate attention. Getting advanced maintenance can help.

Leveraging data from advanced technological findings can make all the difference. You can discover warning signs that your systems are declining or deteriorating before they become a problem. With the help of an aerial radiometric thermal camera, you can get an enhanced level of accuracy.

Review Your Location

Where your panels are placed can make a huge difference. Checking that the sun is not obstructed by a building or tree at any point in the day is crucial. Even if just one cell is affected, it can bring down the efficiency of your other panels. Aside from avoiding shady spots, research suggests that in the UK, south-facing panels tilted at an angle between 20°– 50° are likely to receive the most sunlight.

Placing the panels at an angle will also help keep them cleaner, as rainwater will be able to wash loose dirt away.

A little dust or dirt won’t impact them too much. However, the less it rains, the more likely your panel surfaces will accumulate dust. Strategically scheduling your cleaning for when there’s been a drought or not much rainfall can help.

Have Reactive and Proactive Maintenance

Effective maintenance for your solar PV farm should include both reactive and proactive maintenance. This means you’ve got all eventualities covered and should be able to reduce the risk of a system failure as well as minimise downtime.

Maximise Your ROI & Protect Your Solar Farm Investment with Remark

Remark Group provides turnkey LV services and can assist with all your commercial solar panel maintenance requirements. We have state-of-the-art technology to take a more proactive approach to optimising your site’s energy generation. You’ll receive regular reports that keep you informed of performance, and with our expert knowledge, we’ll be able to provide advice on the best course of action to get the most out of your investment. Contact us today to find out more.

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