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How To Maximise Team Collaboration When Remote Working

How To Maximise Team Collaboration When Remote Working

One of the biggest qualms and challenges businesses faced during the pandemic was maintaining effective levels of team collaboration when remote working. Communication and being able to seamlessly share ideas and work are key contributors to team collaboration and contributes to productivity.

The last thing you need as a business is to lose the homogeneity of your projects and performance - or for progress to become sluggish simply because communication is off. If clients are counting on you to deliver, you’ll want to make sure you do just that - having employees working at home shouldn’t encumber your efforts and turnaround.

In this guide we’re exploring how you can maximise team collaboration when remote working.

How Video Conference Rooms Help Your Team Collaborate Remotely

Video Conference Rooms are more than just meeting rooms.

They are readily set-up for hybrid work environments, meaning even if all or most of your employees are working remotely you can still come together without interruption.

Of course your employees will need access to the right software and equipment. This includes a computer, tablet or smartphone with a webcam and microphone, a broadband connection, and web conferencing software such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Once all this is set-up you should be good to go.


Video conference rooms are fully flexible and adaptable meaning you can facilitate team collaboration whether employees are in the office or not. It’s the perfect solution for the hybrid office.

The problem with remote meetings previously was that everyone would have to join using the same software, however with cloud-based platforms there is now more flexibility meaning participants no longer need to use the same software or device to join a discussion.

Speed up communication

Technology like Zoom and Microsoft Teams is speeding up communication, allowing for less time crafting emails or letters and more time discussing ideas and making agreements on how to push your projects forwards. Instead of having to wait for a scheduled in-house meeting you can jump on a call with a colleague or your whole team whenever it’s convenient. Whether you’re en route to see a client or at home, you can keep those important conversations and collaborations occurring within your team.

Easily share information

It's also easy to share screens so it’s easy to share documents, presentations and creative projects with the whole team.

To learn more about video conferencing software and how it can bring all your remote workers together, contact Remark Group today to book a demonstration at our head office.

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