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How Has Video Conferencing Helped Companies Work?

Video conferencing saw a huge rise in business use during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses and employees alike relied on video conferencing to conduct meetings and were able to experience the benefits. Both hardware and software suppliers have since invested a lot of money into improving this technology-based meeting equipment. Increasingly, the aim is to replicate the in-person meeting to maximise on engagement, connectedness and efficiency.

How Has Video Conferencing Changed Business?

Employees no longer need to be in the office for every meeting. For companies that often hold meetings with external parties, you can save money and time. It’s not just employees and directors - anyone that needs to communicate with an external business can now do so through video conferencing. That includes clients and interviewees.

Hybrid working

A big change that coincided with the advancement of video conferencing solutions was businesses feeling more confident about offering hybrid work solutions. If you manage a hybrid workforce or have employees working across multiple facilities, having the right video conferencing is a good way to bring everyone together.

This makes video conferencing accessible for employees working both in the office and at home, ensuring everyone feels part of the conversation. Making everyone feel part of the team can boost morale and job satisfaction and reduce social isolation.

Quicker completion of projects

Being able to start a call remotely with ease can also make the completion of projects much quicker. Web conferencing solutions include instant messaging, shareable documents and collaborative whiteboards. This ensures that everything you’d normally do in face-to-face meetings is still possible in a video conference.

Reduced travel time during work hours

Instead of setting aside travel time for employees who need to attend meetings at a different office, they can continue with business as usual. When their meeting is due, they simply head to the video conferencing room and start the call. This virtual meeting doesn’t have to replace every face-to-face meeting, but it certainly helps businesses to have the option to only send employees to external meetings when it’s necessary.

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