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LED Lighting and the January Blues

LED Lighting and the January Blues

January Blues

January is a strange month for most of us, the nights are long, and the days are short, and getting up for work in the dark and coming home in the dark isn’t pleasant. Some of us can succumb to the January blues or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), leading to increased illness, reduced productivity and a general feeling of melancholy.

A deficiency of natural sunlight triggers a biochemical imbalance that can result in symptoms such as a low mood, sleeping difficulties, tiredness and anxiety. Although coming to work can be a struggle, it could in fact improve your mood and increase productivity. This is due to the LED lamps found in most workplaces.

LEDs are more helpful in tackling the symptoms of January Blues than the traditional incandescent light sources, primarily due to the quality of light provided by LED luminaries, which give the options of different shades of light from a warm white light through to a cool light and daylight.

How can LEDs help?

There are several different studies that have examined the positive effects of artificial lighting on the human body where there is a lack of natural sunlight.

Other studies have found that LED lamps are most effective in reducing symptoms of SAD and the January Blues, with the light from a blue LED lamp (closest to actual sunlight) improving a patient’s mood through everyday usage. This is due to the LED light suppressing melatonin production which eases symptoms of depression.

Increasing the exposure to natural lighting in the office and workspace is important to helping control the symptoms of the January Blues. This can be difficult to achieve in the winter months, as natural daylight becomes more scare but by installing LED lighting into your workspace you can help stave off symptoms such as lethargy, increased illnesses and feelings of melancholy.

How can Remark help?

No-one is claiming lighting alone can cure something as serious as SAD but there is growing evidence that managing our lighting can enhance our mood, wellbeing and productivity.

Offices are one of the most effective applications for Human Centric Lighting. LED lighting improves levels of concentration, creativity and the capacity for performance, ultimately improving workplace wellbeing and productivity. Remark can design, supply and install workplace lighting systems tailored to your premises. We also have years of experience of exterior commercial lighting and outdoor security lighting.

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