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Lighting Upgrades Can Make Significant Savings

Lighting Upgrades Can Make Significant Savings

April 2017 saw seven major electricity and gas suppliers announcing energy price rises, some as much as a 10% increase. With British Gas announcing an increase of 12.5% for their standard electricity tariff from the 15th September, now is the time for business to consider reducing their electricity bills and noticeably decrease their carbon footprint

To highlight areas where efficiencies and cost savings can be improved, a survey of existing lighting can be carried out by reputable electrical contractors. Following this, lighting plans can be designed and tailored to meet the needs of both the business and its employees. An electrical specialist, such as Remark, will be able to explore a wide range of options with you, procure fittings at the best cost and ensure systems are installed in compliance with health and safety regulations.

Many modern lighting upgrades can now guarantee return on investment for businesses, for some within months. Many companies opt for LED lighting throughout their premises, whether offices or industrial locations, as it is proven to reduce electricity bills by up to 90%t. LED lamps have a life expectancy of up to 50 times more than the halogen variety and upgrades can also reduce carbon emissions. Not only can LED options be fitted internally, but they can also be added to a building's exterior, for example, to illuminate signage and features of a facade.

The Associate Director at Remark, Russell Howland, comments: "There are many benefits to updating lighting systems, such as lower electricity bills and reduced carbon footprints. LED lights require little on-going maintenance, which is a bonus to the fact that the majority of LED lighting units provide return on investment, in some cases after only months, depending on a business' current systems and usage.

It is important to appoint certified specialists to offer their expertise and advice on how to maximise savings, because risks should never be taken when it comes to electrical projects. At Remark, we not only look after a project from consultation stage through to ongoing aftercare, but also assist companies to select light fittings that comply with the Government's Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme. This scheme entitles businesses that have new or replacement low energy lighting products fitted to receive 30 per cent tax relief on the project's installation costs.

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