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Managing Workplace Visitors During COVID-19 with Contactless Temperature Cameras

Managing Workplace Visitors During COVID-19 with Contactless Temperature Cameras


Although recent government guidelines state that those that can work from home, should work from home, there are still employees that can only operate by going into the workplace. And, although many businesses have cut down on visitors, functioning workplaces still require essential visitors, such as cleaners and site technicians, to ensure that their business is running safely and smoothly.

Facial recognition terminals, or contactless temperature cameras, are a safe and secure way of managing workplace visitors and employees through this pandemic.

What are Contactless Temperature Cameras?

Contactless Temperature Cameras use facial recognition technology to instantly measure the temperature of a person, without them having to touch the screen. The cameras measure a range of temperatures from 30°C to 45°C with an accuracy of 0.1°C and a recognition distance of 0.3 to 2 meters.

The solution can be integrated with your access control system and, is ideal for contactless doorway access. This will allow those who are within a healthy temperature to gain access to the premises. The solution ensures the temperature reading is compensated with the ambient temperature levels and, takes into account the distance of the person from the camera for better accuracy.

What are the benefits?

The main benefit of installing the camera within your workplace is that entrants to the building can have a complete contactless experience. The camera’s facial detection means that as soon as a person is within recognition distance, the camera can detect that person’s temperature. If the person is within a set temperature, your access control system will be alerted, allowing the visitor or employee to enter the building. This allows for a seamless and quick detection without any physical contact.

The cameras also have the ability to detect whether a person is wearing a face mask and monitor mask wearing with real-time reminders and alerts. This means that workplaces can ensure that those entering their premises are safe and following onsite policies. Other benefits include fast temperature measurement, meaning you can detect whether a person is safe to enter the building within a matter of seconds.

How can Remark Group help?

Remark Group have years of experience in access control systems, our bespoke integration and installation expertise means that we can provide the right solution for every business. Get in touch today to discuss your business requirements.

This solution would be complemented by our social distancing detection technology or COVID-19 business technologies, which offer safety solutions for offices, factories, retail, and healthcare settings alike.

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