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Microsoft Meeting Room Guidance for Enhanced Teams Rooms

Microsoft Meeting Room Guidance for Enhanced Teams Rooms

Microsoft has published their latest meeting room guidance for Enhanced Teams Rooms.

It includes information on Teams Rooms device and solution uses, layouts, and specifications for the new Teams ‘Front Row’ experience, designed for more efficient and professional communication and collaboration. These updates are designed for the future of the workplace with a focus on optimising the dynamic, hybrid working environments.

Projects are also increasingly set up on cloud-base applications, and being able to share and collaborate on these without issue is important.

At Remark Group, we have multiple solutions recommended by Microsoft to enhance your Video Conferencing experience. Dedicated to providing business solutions that enhance the modern work environment, we tailor our solutions to suit your work culture.

What is the new ‘Front Row’ display?


The ‘Front Row’ layout features a curved table for in-person eye contact and orientation to remote participants, with all chairs facing the display so participants are able to follow along.


Ultra wide-angle camera: ensures everyone is visible and intelligently tracks speakers to help those tuning in externally. This works particularly well in larger rooms, like event spaces, and town-hall areas.

Spatial audio: enables the sound to emanate from the direction of the person speaking. This creates an immersive audio experience and helps meetings more closely resemble an in-person conversation. The audio is the most important part to get right. That’s why it’s recommended that you invest in audio solutions that are certified for Microsoft Teams.

Experiences are scaled for human connection, and the new Enhanced Microsoft Teams layout and technology recommendations enable interactions to feel like everyone is in the same room.

Design principles

Microsoft has a core range of stringent design principles that they bring to all their Teams Rooms developments.

  • Inclusive and representative
  • Seamlessly present and co-create content
  • Crystal clear audio and visual quality
  • Make hybrid work environments better connected

Interested in implementing any of these strategies into your workplace, or adapting your current set up?

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