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Changing The Office Space Layout: What Should You Consider?

Changing The Office Space Layout: What Should You Consider?

If you’re looking to change your office space layout, there will be plenty to consider. Aside from getting the basic and essential health and safety criteria right, here are some of the top considerations when changing your office space layout:

Do you want an open-plan environment?

Whether you want an open-plan environment or lots of separate rooms will likely depend on the nature of your work, as well as your company culture. If you’re a creative marketing team, you may prefer to have an open-plan space that promotes collaboration; whereas if you’re managing a law firm, you may prefer more private office spaces to maintain privacy, confidentiality and boost concentration levels for more detail-oriented tasks.

Restoring privacy

Especially if you’re thinking about moving towards a more open-plan environment, a big consideration will be restoring the levels of privacy. From making your employees feel at ease when sharing personal and work-related issues to ensuring that sensitive and confidential information from clients or stakeholders is not overheard, one solution is sound masking. Sound masking elevates the levels of ambient sound in open-plan spaces. With the ability to raise the volume or completely switch off this acoustic technology at will, you can be in complete control of the privacy levels in your workspace.

Create designated spaces

From having spaces that promote healthy collaboration to designated meeting rooms for more formal discussions, it can be worth assigning specific areas that are optimised for different types of work. From video conferencing rooms to less formal breakout rooms, you’ll also want to make sure each space is kitted out with the right furniture, equipment and technology.

How can you boost productivity?

Most businesses want to find creative and affordable ways to enhance their employees’ productivity. One great way to achieve this is Sound Masking. This achieves two things simultaneously: increases speech privacy and reduces the impact of distracting noises.

How many employees?

If you’re looking to adopt a more hybrid approach to working, by offering your employees the option to work from home if they prefer, then you will need to adapt your office space in multiple ways. From knowing how many in-house employees you will be accommodating to ensuring you have the right technology set-up for effective communication and collaboration, having the sufficient infrastructure in place to ensure employee productivity and wellbeing is maintained is crucial.

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