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Preparing Your Office For Return To Work

Preparing Your Office For Return To Work

As the UK tentatively heads out of lockdown and into a post-covid era, it’s been more important than ever for businesses to adapt to flexible working. Flexible working options are not just about creating a balance between remote and office work solutions, they’re also about maintaining a safe, hygienic and efficient work environment for your employees. At Remark, we’re discussing how to prepare your office for return to work that ensures you’re ready for the challenges ahead and a smooth return.

Covid and the return to work

With most workplaces starting to open their doors again, businesses are still being warned to show caution. Even with lockdown restrictions set to be fully lifted by 21 June, preventing localised outbreaks is still important going forwards. So what can you do? How can you prepare a return to work whilst keeping the risk of outbreaks in your workplace at an absolute minimum?

Safety First: Technologies that can help your office operate safely

  • Occupancy Control

Turn your security camera into a social distancing monitor to ensure your busy spaces, such as reception and canteen areas, are not overcrowded.

Place helpful reminders around your office. From encouraging employees to wash their hands regularly, to providing updates on changes to workplace etiquette based on the latest covid measures. Solutions can be updated instantly in real-time across multiple devices, so your communications are always up-to-date.

Never double-book a meeting room or have too many people in attendance with our intelligent meeting room booking systems.

  • Contactless Access Control

Reduce the need for your employees and visitors to touch door handles or keypads by utilising contactless access control.

Whether you’re looking to keep some workers remote, or you want to keep footfall in your premises to a minimum, sophisticated video conferencing technology can help keep everyone connected and professional. Remark’s team of expert sound engineers and partners with leading software and hardware brands to ensure your business is fully equipped, so your collaborations and important discussions can happen successfully, without interruption.

  • Temperature Checking

Having a high temperature is one of the main symptoms of coronavirus. Should you feel it’s necessary, contactless temperature checks can be used on employees and visitors before they enter the premises to help stop outbreaks in their tracks. Remark can integrate temperature checking with access control, so only occupants with a healthy temperature can gain access to your premises.

  • Mask Checking

Your site could also benefit from having mask checking technology, which detects when someone is not wearing a mask and potentially putting people at risk on your premises.

From smart and fully integrated video conferencing technology to essential health and safety technology, Remark can get your office ready to return to work whilst keeping covid-related issues and challenges at bay. We’re invested in helping businesses thrive by overcoming the obstacles of today and tomorrow. Our intelligent technology-led business solutions are designed to help you perform at your optimum level. If you’re interested or would like to know more, speak to one of our knowledgeable customer advisors today.

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