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Proactive vs Reactive Solar Panel Maintenance - Why You Need Both

Maintaining your solar panels will help you get the most out of your green energy investment. In this guide, we’re making a case for why you should get both proactive and reactive maintenance to cover every eventuality.

Proactive maintenance

Proactive maintenance includes regular checkups. These can help identify potential issues before they become problematic. The smaller issues can build up over time. With proactive maintenance, performance glitches can be addressed before they even happen. This ensures your panels are operating at their optimum level 24/7. It’s all about making sure all the components are in good working order. Data will be collected and analysed as part of routine checks using cutting-edge technology.

A prioritised list of actions can be created with the goal of reducing the risk of a potential system breakdown.

Automatically scheduling industry-recommended upgrades, such as your cabling infrastructure, can also help you get the most out of your investment.

Reactive maintenance

Reactive solar panel maintenance is also a must. This typically involves unscheduled maintenance and includes diagnostics and emergency repairs. In the worst-case scenario, your systems may fail. If this happens, your energy production will be reduced or cease entirely, and this will affect your reputation and revenue. You’ll need a reliable, specialist team of O&M engineers on hand when things go wrong. This will ensure minimal downtime and reduce further damage.

Faulty cabling is a common fault and can cause a significant decrease in your plant’s availability. A burnt-out MC4 connector or insulation damage to a single-string cable can cause an earth fault capable of bringing a central inverter down. Any faults will need to be investigated promptly. To get to the bottom of the problem as quickly as possible, specialised diagnostics are required.

Find a solar O&M specialist that can handle all your maintenance

Find a specialist team that can handle all your commercial solar panel requirements. To find out more, contact the solar O&M team at Remark Group today.

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