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Remark Boosts Partnership With Crestron

Remark Boosts Partnership With Crestron

At Remark, we’ve recently boosted our partnership with Crestron Electronics, who are experts in shaping technological innovation. We’re proud to add to our existing workplace technology solutions, to offer our customers exciting technology that drives their business communications and collaborations, from audio and video distribution to wireless presentation systems.

Part of our updated partnership with Crestron includes the capacity to offer clients new technology to help their business adapt and thrive.

We can fully integrate with your existing equipment or design and install a complete solution, including data and power - it’s all part of the Remark experience. Our exceptional team of sound and visual engineers can design the best video conferencing and hybrid work solution equipment on the market, and Crestron is one of the leading brands we offer.

Whether you want to create a smarter office, or something that produces an agile work environment for part-remote and part-office based work, our partnership with Crestron will allow us to deliver even more bespoke solutions for hybrid work environments.

The complete available solution by Crestron includes:

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Offering collaboration at its best, Microsoft Teams Rooms offer superior solutions for hybrid and remote work environments.

Delivering high quality audio and high-resolution video to every room helps bring everyone closer to the conversation. Providing inclusivity and clarity allows the team or invested parties to feel like they’re in the room, no matter where they are.
Providing seamless team meeting experience for all. Compatible with a wide range of devices, and BYOD (bring your own device), to ensure consistency that the whole team can rely on. This allows you to collaborate in any room and on any conversing platform.

The advanced 360° quad microphone arrays, beamforming technology, and mic pods pick up every word in rooms of any size, whilst the HD cameras come with a minimum 150° field of vision that can focus on who’s speaking. Frictionless meetings means more productivity and better quality conversations that drive results.

Room Scheduling Panel

The Room Scheduling Panel integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to show when rooms are and are not available for use.

Not only does the panel light up to show if the room is available or occupied, but it also has a clear Room Availability Hallway Sign or Indicator. The Room Scheduling solution can also be integrated with occupancy sensors, to quickly update the room status and provide a contactless experience for heightened health and safety.

Microsoft Teams Panel

Operating as an advanced team scheduling platform, Microsoft Teams Panel is designed to enhance your schedule and work performance across your team. Complete with a native Microsoft Teams interface, you can book rooms, host meetings and ensure every room is being used to its full potential with no double-booking.

We’re delighted to offer our clients these new products which offer a comprehensive and intuitive video conferencing solution to boost your team’s productivity, performance and partnership. One solution that works across all devices, platforms and rooms - built for the agile work environment.

We are now taking this opportunity to refresh our demo facility with Creston’s new UC range and Microsoft Teams Panel. If you would like to see the UC range in action, you can visit us for a demo, or call for a video conferencing demo today.

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