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Smart Buildings: Instalment Three

Smart Buildings: Instalment Three


Lighting is the easiest infrastructure to upgrade and with the growth of LED technology it now means that your business can be even more efficient than ever. However, we are still wasting a huge amount of money and energy on wasted lighting.

You could put out a reminder to all employees to remember to turn off the lights, but realistically how likely is this going to happen?

There is a simple answer to this – Lighting Controls.

Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls can have a major impact on your energy consumption and operating costs. Allowing you to create the perfect environment for your business, with timers and sensors, you will never waste another penny on lighting again.

In addition to these savings, lighting control offers a range of solutions in the workplace.

Lighting Control Systems can improve comfort and productivity in the workplace. Let’s face it, not all workplaces are comfortable places to work in but with the use of Lighting Control you can transform your dark workspace into a comfortable and productive environment. With the ability to control the brightness levels of your lighting, you can adjust the levels to suit your employee’s needs.

Occupants of buildings vary as do the tasks they perform. Office workers certainly need different levels of lighting to factory works, which then differs from students and doctors. Lighting Control Systems enable you to personalise and control lighting to the task and workspace you are in, right down to the very last second of the day, you can create a lighting environment that suits your needs for every task.

Our team can work with you to design and install a bespoke solution for your space, whether it’s a factory, healthcare facility or office space – we can ensure you get the right solution for your company.

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