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Solar PV Maintenance for Solar Parks - Essential Guide

When considering solar PV maintenance for your solar park, there is a lot to consider. We’re providing a helpful guide, breaking down the process for finding the right solar maintenance provider.

What types of maintenance are required?

Investing in both proactive and reactive maintenance is advised. You should be able to arrange an annual maintenance package that encompasses all the essential inspections, surveys and repairs. Typically, proactive maintenance can be scheduled every 3, 6 or 12 months.

Not all work will be scheduled in advance. If a power outage occurs or there’s an issue on site that needs addressing immediately, you’ll want to know that you have a professional team that can get your site back up and running at full capacity. With a professional, responsive O&M supplier, this should be handled promptly.

Executives should be informed of any work carried out, and you can set the parameters for when approval is required before going ahead with repairs.

You can also discuss remedial work and punch lists with your O&M provider.

Protect against gradual deterioration

You need every eventuality covered. Many issues are the product of slow deterioration. This can only be detected with surveys and inspections. With the advancement of modern technology, signs of wear and tear can be detected much sooner. This can help reduce problems that result in downtime or significant drops in energy production.

Aerial thermal imaging surveys

Not all maintenance is created equal. The latest technology can provide enhanced levels of insight into what’s happening around your solar park.

Thermal imaging cameras can be attached to aerial drones. This gives ease of access and a bird’s eye view of your entire solar park. The imagery from the camera can be used to detect a range of problems that could be impacting the efficiency of your solar park. These include hotspots, weather damage, debris and shade obstructions.

A site inspection on the ground should also be carried out. All the electrical components will need to be tested to ensure there’s nothing unusual. Structural mounts will also need looking at to ensure there is no wear and tear. The security of your site is another consideration.

How to choose your maintenance provider

Having a pre-project questionnaire in place is a good way to determine whether a company is a match for your requirements.

Some factors to consider include their accreditations, qualifications and available technology.

  • Can they provide market-leading insights to ensure your solar park is functioning to its optimal potential?
  • Do they have all the official accreditations?
  • Do they have a reliable turnaround time for replacement parts or repair works?
  • How comprehensive or bespoke is their service?
  • How will findings be reported back to your facility managers and executives?

Contact Remark Group today to discuss how we can help with your commercial solar panel maintenance. We’re a leading business service provider, working across a wide range of electrical infrastructure requirements. With a knowledgeable, efficient team and market-leading technology we can ensure your solar park maintains optimum performance 24/7. We also pride ourselves on maintaining good working relationships and a fully bespoke service that’s tailored to the unique needs of your park.

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