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Sound Masking and Natural Sounds in the Workplace

Sound Masking and Natural Sounds in the Workplace

Noise and Wellbeing at Work

Noise is one of the biggest causes of dissatisfaction in the modern workplace, whether it be speech or otherwise, noise has subtle but profound effects on workers psychologically, behaviourally and cognitively.

In a survey of 1,000 UK-based office workers, 65% reported that noise in the workplace impacted on their ability to complete work in an accurate and timely manner. Nearly half (44%) said that noise had a negative impact on their overall wellbeing, with over 40% reporting that noise at work caused them to feel stressed.

Sound Masking

From our recent ‘Noise and Wellbeing at Work’ report, we can now clearly see the direct impact noise, interruptions and lack of privacy can have on wellbeing in the workplace and employee stress.

By raising the ambient noise level in an office environment, sound masking systems make buildings appear quieter, reducing the sound level of conversations, music and other interruptions within the workspace. When installed correctly, sound masking has the potential to boost acoustic privacy and reduce distracting noises, improving the overall comfort within offices.

We’ve engineered our sound masking systems to match the frequency of the human voice for greater speech privacy. Although this increases the overall amount of noise, by inhibiting you from understanding others in conversations, it prevents you from becoming distracted and in most cases, you won’t notice them at all.

Natural Soundscape

Research has proven that listening to natural soundscapes have restorative effect on our psyche.  Natural sounds and green environments have been linked with relaxation and wellbeing for hundreds of years but not everyone has access to the outdoors and considering we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors, we need to bring that natural soundscape indoors. 

Naturalistic environments have been demonstrated to promote relaxation and wellbeing. Workers well-being is a key factor in determining an organisation's long-term effectiveness. Many studies show a direct link between productivity levels and the general health and well-being of the workforce.

Our sound masking systems create a particularly harmonious natural sound that blends seamlessly into the working environment allowing for fewer disturbances and enhances employee’s wellbeing. The system can also be intertwined with natural sounds including, bird song, water flowing and the ocean, creating a completely immersive environment for employees to relax and collaborate naturally.

Perfect for breakout areas and huddle rooms, our natural soundscape intertwined with sound masking is proven to enhance employee’s wellbeing, increasing their motivation to work and therefore their productivity.

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