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Sound masking for meeting rooms

Sound masking for meeting rooms

Privacy and Meeting Rooms

With open plan offices and collaborative workspaces on the rise, meeting rooms are required more and more as spaces to hold private discussions or as places to undertake complex work that requires a lot of concentration.

A meeting room is generally furnished with a huge amount of AV equipment; projectors, speakers, conferencing phones and much more. At the same time there are often design elements such as glass walls, split partitions and sometimes even huddle rooms in the middle of an open plan office. All these designs elements make a meeting room more desirable but has a negative impact on the acoustics. Sound bounces off all these hard surfaces, creating reverberations that obscure speech and make a room appear noisier. 

Companies immediately fall to sound proofing or acoustic panels to amend the privacy issue, but this can be a very time consuming and costly method and is not 100% effective. Sound masking, on the other hand, if installed correctly has the ability to increase the privacy within the room by 100%. 

Sound Masking for Privacy

When privacy is paramount, the installation of sound masking will contribute to creating an environment with maximum acoustic privacy, meaning confidentiality is restored.  There are solutions that mean it can be installed into almost any architectural concept, maintaining the design aesthetic of your meeting space, whilst keeping conversations private. 

Sound masking works by injecting an additional sound into the space. This may sound contradictory, but the frequency of sound masking is actually tuned to match the frequency of a human voice. This then has the ability to ‘mask’ any human speech, making the room appear quieter and cancelling out any unwanted background conversations. 

Meeting rooms are a great place for audio and video conferencing, but with sound leakage in and out of meeting rooms, employees can be put off having that all-important conference with long distance colleagues, stakeholders or even clients. 

Video Conferencing and Privacy

Another benefit of using sound masking in meeting rooms is that its bespoke frequency does not interfere with any video or audio-conferencing equipment. Sound masking is an effective way to diffuse the conversational buzz around the meeting rooms as well as increase the privacy within it. Meaning the customer on the end of the phone call is not disturbed by any background noises and passers-by aren’t privy to any discussions. 

There is also the ability for the end-user to adjust the levels of sound masking for those all-important meetings that need an extra layer of privacy. The options for meetings rooms, are pretty endless, with the perfect solution for every company. 

Get in touch with Remark today to discuss your sound masking needs, you can also take a look at our sound masking page to find out more information. 


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