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Top 5 Benefits Of Good Office Acoustics

Top 5 Benefits Of Good Office Acoustics

Noise in the workplace is inevitable. But you can control the acoustic environment to help minimise the impact of noise. Acoustics are one of many workplace environmental factors that can influence how much work your employees produce. It’s not just about the volume of work - it’s also about the quality. Noise can refer to any sound that is perceived as distracting or uncomfortable.

Less mistakes

In an overly noisy office, concentration levels can plummet. For detail-orientated work, such as accounting or finance, it’s important for mistakes not to be made.

Help employees feel more comfortable

Findings from our Noise and Wellbeing survey found that over half (52%) of employees are interrupted by noise distractions more than five times in a working day.

By reducing the levels of distracting noise, employees should feel more comfortable. This is especially true for introverts who often prefer quieter spaces when producing work.

Restore speech privacy

With acoustic technology such as Sound Masking, you can restore speech privacy for both your employees and your clients. With the GDPR regulations, the focus was predominantly on keeping written information secure. However, spoken information is just as important to keep private.

Offering meeting rooms with good levels of sound proofing means distracting noise from outside the room won’t be overheard. But, more importantly, your client, patient or employee will feel more comfortable discussing confidential or private information. This is because they know they won’t be overheard.

Boost professional service

Investing in good office acoustics can also benefit your professionalism, if you are providing a service for customers and clients. Banks, mortgage advisors and healthcare providers can all improve their confidentiality and data privacy with technology such as Sound Masking.

Increase productivity

Less distractions should help to boost productivity. Both the quantity and quality of work should increase.

Want to improve the acoustic environment in your office? Speak to our Sound Masking experts to find out more. Book a demonstration online today.

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